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LED Thermal Management

  • Metal Core Comparison Chart

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  • Thermal Management Solutions Manufacturing Capabilities

    EI provides solution to overcome thermal issues. The new multi copper weight on same plane, PLPCB provides benefits ranging from PCB size reduction to elongated life. The new DTE technology enables efficient thermal management metal PCB.our sales team to explore more.

  • Thermal Management Construction Options

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    Direct Thermal Exchange (DTE) is a new PCB construction methodology that has been developed to achieve highly-efficient heat removal or thermal dissipation. This paper presents Direct Thermal Exchange (DTE) as a technology solution to the current limitations of thermally conductive dielectric when used in thermal management (heat dissipative) designs for high-power circuits (LED, Wireless, Microwave) in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) designs.


    PLPCB (PowerLink Printed Circuit Boards) technology allows multiple copper weights on the PCB

  • Advancements in Thermal Management

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  • TLAM System Design Guide

    The Design Guide provides details for designing Tlam substrates for manufacturability, and for addressing the associated manufacturing controls and evaluation issues. Since the manufacturing, performance and reliability issues are not independent of the Design Guide, they should be included as an integral part of all manufacturing considerations. Manufacturability should be interpreted in the broadest terms, and should include designing to insure the specified performance, product consistency, quality, reliability, and costs effectiveness.

  • High Frequency Laminates

    Please click on read more link to find information for Basics of thermodynamics as it relates to PCB’s,Laminate properties that are critical to thermal issues, Thermal management of PCB applications and Summary