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  • IPC Netlist Comparison

    IPC Netlist Comparison

    Most Design software have the ability to export out not only Gerber data for fabrication, but also Netlist information. This Netlist is exported out in the popular IPC-365-A format.  Read more

    IPC-1601, Standard on Handling, Packaging and Stor

    IPC-1601, Standard on Handling, Packaging and Stor

    IPC-1601 provides users with guidance on how to protect printed boards from contamination, physical damage, solderability degradation, electrostatic discharge and moisture uptake. The document covers all phases of production, from the manufacture of the bare printed board, through delivery, receiving, stocking, and soldering. It also gives needed attention to helping users with moisture concerns. The following information provides guidance on establishing recommended moisture levels and baking profiles for moisture removal, and covers the impact of baking on printed board solderability. Moisture absorbed in printed board laminates expands at soldering temperatures, and in some cases the resulting vapor pressure can cause internal delamination or excessive strain on plated-hole walls and other structures.  Read more