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  • PCB Design Tools

    PCB Design Tools

    Budget friendly as well as high-capability EE tools are most times a difficult combination to find. But great CAD products are definitely available from these select & quality vendors  Read more

    Controlled Impedance Stackups

    Controlled Impedance Stackups

    Advancements in technology have driven PCB Designers & Engineers to seek improvements in system development & develop strategies to overcome signal communication issues. To this end, it has become increasingly evident that a solid & sound PCB design can greatly mitigate such issues and ultimately lead to better signal integrity. Those who are new to designing with controlled-impedance or are planning on engineering such solutions can find literature available online & in printed textbooks dealing in this specific subject. Per the studies done in this area, trace impedance is primarily governed by the board stackup, dielectric constant of materials, and the dimensions of the PCB trace itself.  Read more