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  1. F.O.B. Elk Grove Village, IL
  2. 30 to 60 days in inventory at Elk Grove Village facility
  3. AQL Quality Audit on all shipments.
  4. All order placements to be handled by Electronic Interconnect per customer release schedule
  5. All inventories must be depleted prior to revisions
  6. Minimum Order for Production Release: $1500
  7. EI will fulfill spike order up to 10 % or 150 pcs (not panels) and 3 times per year per each overseas manufactured part number within local manufacturing capability
  8. After 90 days, remaining inventory must be shipped to customer (See Kan-Ban Contract)
  9. Production Lead Time: 7 to 20 working days + Air Freight time
  10. Sample Lead Time: 7 to 10 working days + Air Freight time
  11. All pull ups, fast turn requests, and expedited products on revision changes that have to be produced in Electronic Interconnect’s local facility will be produced at Electronic Interconnect domestic pricing.
  12. All quoted prices are subject to review of the gerber files and firm for 30 days.
  13. We reserve the right to impose surcharges [including without limitation for fuel, precious metal (Gold, Silver, Palladium, tin, copper and others)], security costs or costs resulting from compliance with regulatory changes applicable to the shipment) without prior notice, and to continue such increases for such periods as we may determine necessary.


Buyer, depending on contractual arrangement, will be responsible for all shipping and insurance charges and will reimburse for all shipping and insurance costs incurred. Risk of loss for the Items shall pass to Buyer on the date the Items are delivered. In the event of any default by Buyer, E.I. may decline to make further shipments without affecting its rights under these Terms. Electronic Interconnect will not be charged with any liability including but not limited to consequential damages for delay or non-delivery of the items. Electronic Interconnect will only be responsible for the replacement of the boards or credit the invoice amount at our discretion. Items will be deemed accepted upon delivery to Buyer.


E.I. takes reasonable measures to ensure that their overseas suppliers are available without interruption, except for any scheduled down time needed to help maintain effective operation of the site. However, difficulties with hardware, software and equipment and services supplied by others may result in service interruptions. In such cases, E.I. will take those measures that it deems reasonable to accommodate the interests of Buyers and Suppliers. In no event will E.I. be liable to any party for any loss, cost or damage that results from any period of down time suffered by the Buyer.For more details visit http://www.eiconnect.com/eiaboutus.aspx?type=terms