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Engineering Student Program

We value our engineering students, because they are the future for engineering advances.

Engineering Student Program Features:

1. Projects sponsorship:

We would like to sponsor your next engineering project. Contact us for sponsorship details!

2. PCB Standard Spec for ONLY $25.00 Each

Here is the fixed spec PCB to serve your PCB needs at affordable cost. The ease of buying PCB by pieces makes our two and four layer PCB attractive for designers. Placing PCB order has been made so simple that you have to just enter the dimensions and quantity.

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3. PCB Layout Software

If you are looking for an easy to use, powerful and affordable printed circuit board design package that gets the job done. To assist you in designing your circuit board, we’ve put together the list of common design software. Electronic Interconnect presents PCB design software with recommendations on how and when to use the circuit design software and affordable solutions for PCB layout. To get started Click Here to go to the designer resources page

4. PCB File Check[Free DRC]:

EI Offers Free Design Rule Check Online which will check your files for manufacturability. We will email you the report, once you upload the files. We will also provide quote for your files.

Click Hereto Go to Upload your file Now!

5. Multilayer Zoom PCB orders:

Instant PCB is an excellent way to reduce PCB costs. We have predefined specifications which makes it easy to cut costs and pass the savings on to you. With standard FR4 2/4/6 layers option we offer Zoom PCB orders as quick turn around. Express PCB is an excellent way to reduce PCB costs. Electronic Interconnect offers Bare Bone, Zoom PCB and Quick Turn PCB orders.

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