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Multi-part PCB Quote

Starting from $300 you can use up to 350 square inches.

If you are looking for more bang for your buck, EI offers the flexibility to accommodate up to 5 designs in a single order. We can take your individual gerber files of multiple designs and run them together. Just upload the files and request a quote. If you have any questions just click on contact us and someone will assist you.

Please upload one file to this form; this should preferably be a compressed format (.zip) and no more than 5 MB in size. If you have more than one file or file size is larger than 5 MB than please use our FTP Site. Include "VIA FTP" in your comments. Valid parts file extensions are pdf, zip, rar, doc, docx, txt

If you need any help getting online quotes or placing orders on our website, please call sales manager Shash Dholakia on 847-434-5227  Or email shash@eiconnect.com