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TrikStik III

The TrikStik II is a stand-alone single-board computer with integrated real-time operating system and interactive macro control language. It has stored program control and USB interface.

The TrikStik III is a full-featured DAQ computer mounted on a handy modular plug-in board

It consists of a high speed micro-controller capable of executing up to 8 MOPS (million operations per second) with a USB interface and an IDC 26-pin connector.

It has on-board FLASH memory, EEPROM, RAM, 8 MHz oscillator, high speed UART, two high speed serial communications channels, 23 programmable input/output ports, counter/timers, PWM output channels, six channels of 10-bit analog to digital converters, an analog comparator, internal and external interrupts and everything necessary to implement a wide variety of high performance control and monitoring circuits.

In addition to the native capabilities of the micro-controller, a real-time operating system with stored program, on board command interpreter, with multitasking capabilities and macro commands is included at no cost.

  • 8 MHz RISC operation
  • 8 KB FLASH memory
  • 1 KB RAM
  • 0.5 KB Bytes EEPROM
  • USB interface.
  • Two 8-bit timer/counters
  • One 16-bit timer/counter
  • Real time counter
  • Three PWM channels
  • Six channels of 10-bit A/D
  • Two-wire serial interface
  • Master/slave SPI
  • Watchdog timer
  • Analog comparator
  • Five sleep modes
  • 2.7V – 5.5V operation
  • Low power operation
  • 23 I/O ports
  • Two external interrupt inputs.

The macro command capability of the AVR1010 allows it to be used in entirely autonomous applications, with auto-boot operation.

Macro commands may be loaded through a temporary serial interface connection, such as a USB smart cable, then operated without connection to a host computer if desired.

Operation is also possible in direct mode through a similar serial connection, using interactive commands.

The TrikStik III provides mounting for an ATV1010, a USB interface and an IDC 26-pin header.

It has all the necessary elements to implement multi- channel data acquisition systems, as well as hundreds of other useful functions, with no external components

The three PWM channels can be used to control DC motors, Stepper motors and BLDC motors (with suitable external current boosters.)

Low power options include active operation down to less than 3.6 mA, with sleep modes of < 1 microamp, supporting battery operated applications.

The USB interface is not required for operation, but the USB connector can be used for power input, even when the interface is not installed or needed.

The TrikStik III is a valuable addition to any engineers tool box. It provides a quick and easy method of adding control to a variety of applications and is easily adapted to fully autonomous operation.

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