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The DA8731 is a modular driver for stepper motors requiring up to 2.5 Amps.

The DA8731 is a modular driver for stepper motors requiring up to 2.5 Amps.

It drives a single stepper motor in response to step and direction inputs, in 1/16th microsteps, providing 3200 steps per revolution with common 1.8 degree stepper motors.

It uses a single power supply for all functions, although an external Vcc supply can be used, if preferred.

It is designed for ease of implementation in a multiple axis application.

Status signals are available for zero position and stall conditions.

Two inputs control the current level to 20%, 50%, 80% or 100%

No heat sinks are required.

The On Semiconductor LV8731 driver chip is used. Further details maybe found on their data sheet.

In order to use the DA8731, all that is required is to connect a power source, step and direction signals and the motor coils.

Each pulse on the step input will cause the motor to move 1/16th of a full step in the CW or CCW direction, depending on the state of the direction input at the time of the step pulse.

With motors that have 200 full steps/revolution, a step input rate of 53.3 KHz will result in a motor speed of 1000 RPM, assuming that the motor and power supply are adequately sized for the application.

This equates to a transfer function of 53.3 Hz per RPM.

Size: 1.475” x 1.225” (37.5 x 31 mm).

Power requirements: Up to 36V through a 2.1 mm barrel jack. (Typical for so-called wall-wart power supplies.)

Current output: 2.5A, peak, with 2.0 Amps, continuous.

Chopping frequency of the PWM constant current control is 50 KHz and the internal clock runs at about 125 KHz.

Maximum stepping frequency is limited only by the motor, its loading and available power.

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