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Direct Thermal Exchange and Its Impact on LED Heat Removal

Date Posted : 01/02/2013

Source : Press release

Direct Thermal Exchange is a cutting-edge PCB construction methodology for highly-efficient heat removal or thermal dissipation. As the name implies, it is a “direct” thermal transfer method used when high amounts of thermal energy must be removed quickly and consistently from a heat-generating device. DTE was developed primarily to address thermal problems posed by the development of high-power LEDs with demanding thermal performance, although it can be used in many other applications.

DTE design creates a direct thermal path conduction capability and reduces LED junction temperature far more efficiently when compared to traditional FR-4, metal core or aluminum printed circuit board constructions. Lower junction temperature extends LED life, improves LED brightness (higher lumens per LED), improves product reliability and minimizes overall dollar-per-lumen operating cost.1 DTE is an important enabling technology for LED arrays, especially those intended for outdoor lighting and emergency vehicles, where heat dissipation is a concern as the technology of high-power LEDs advances.