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(EI) Offers Direct Thermal Exchange (DTE) Configurations for LED Assemblies.

Date Posted : 06/28/2012

Source : Press release [Circuitnet]

Chicago, IL., USA – Direct Thermal Exchange (DTE) design in printed circuit boards intended for LED arrays provides a direct thermal path to the base metal of the assembly, allowing the high-power LEDs to dissipate heat effectively, extending their working life and safety in overall functioning.

Electronic Interconnect (EI), a leading provider of printed circuit boards and PCB engineering and design services, now offers Direct Thermal Exchange for LEDs. Thermal Management designs and engineering are an area of specialization and focus for EI.

“DTE enables a very fast rather of thermal transfer through the LTE pad,” Pratish Patel, President, said in making the announcement. “This is an important enabling technology for LED-bearing circuits, especially those intended for outdoor lighting and emergency vehicles where heat dissipation is an ever-increasing concern as the technology of high-power LEDs advances.”