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Material Utilization

Often design engineering is not aware of the PCB manufacturer's raw material parameters. The following is intended to be a guide to optimize the design and minimize the waste of laminate.
About 50 % of raw material produced is on a 36" x 48" format. The majority of PCB manufacturers  utilize 18" x 24" panels and so does EIConnect. A minimal spacing of .150" between each circuit board or group of boards must be maintained. Multiple pushback die configurations require minimum of .250" between circuits and along the edge of board. Whereas, break-apart multiple configurations require .060" between circuits. In multiple tooling of either type, the minimum of .150" between panels or groups of boards would be maintained.
Recommened Panel layout for Maximum Use of Raw material
36" x 48" format is the most common; but other sheet sizes are available and can be used for effective yield. The basic principles of board spacing are applicable for all sheet sizes.