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Standard Specifications:
Material TypeFR-4 (Tg-135)[Layer <= 2]
FR-4(Tg 180)[Layer > 2]
Material Thickness0.062”/0.031"/0.093"
Final FinishLead free HASLCu FinishUp to 2 oz.
Solder Mask SideBothSolder Mask LPI ColorGreen (semi gloss)
Silk Screen SideOne sideSilk Screen ColorWhite
Trace/Space Width6 mils or greaterMax. # of holes / sq25 per sq. inch
Min. Hole Size10 mils or greaterCNC route pointsup to 14 points, Panel form available
ETNoFile Type274X
Max. # of tools10GoldNo
ReportsC of C, IPC class IICutoutsMax 3 Allowed
SlotsMin. 0.062" slot width  
min of 0.0075” annular ring required on min hole size,if not, min hole size will be considered as via pad size – 0.015

Standard specifications with available upgrades:
Material Thickness0.062”/0.031"/0.093"Final FinishLead free HASL
Cu FinishUp to 2 oz.Solder Mask LPI ColorGreen (semi gloss)

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