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File Package information

The following information specifies how Electronic Interconnect needs to receive your files to be able to work with your information in a timely and accurate manner. If you have questions about our file specifications please contact us at sales@eiconnect.com.

A PCB design is described by a number of gerber files and files in other formats. See our requirements on gerber files before you place a PCB order at Electronic Interconnect.

Gerber Data Type

  • RS-274X with embedded apertures (Preferred)
  • RS-274D with proper aperture file
  • All Layers to be aligned and Mirrored Properly
  • Flashed and Filled Pads
  • 8 mils Minimum Text Width

Drill Data Type

  • Excellon ASCII Format or Gerber Format
  • Embedded Tool Numbers and Sizes
  • End Point Drill Hits for Slots
  • Separate Plated and Nonplated Drill Files

PCB Fabrication Specs

  • Dimensional Drawings
  • Slot Outlines
  • Fabrication Notes
  • Drill size, Quantity, Plated/Nonplated Specs
  • Please define each Gerber Layer Type and name

All Files (Gerber, Text, etc) must have a File-Extension

  • Basic PCB Manufacturing Specs
  • Mask Color and Type
  • Silk Color and Type
  • Finished Copper Thickness
  • Electrical Testing Requirements
  • Material Type and Board Thickness

Special PCB Manufacturing Specs

  • Gold
  • Nickel
  • Silver
  • Lead Free Solder (HASL)
  • Other

Please Email all PCB Data in 1 Zip File

Refer to Capabilities list for Manufacturability and Tolerance for more details.