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EI Engineering Frequently Asked Questions

What is Electronic Interconnect TDR Capabilities (Control Impedance) ?

Below is Electronic Interconnect TDR technical specs:

Aberrations +7%, -5%, total of 10% P-P (*1)
+2%, -2%, total of 3% P-P (*2)
Amplitude +250mV, -250mV differential
Jitter max. 10ps RMS
Pulse Duration min. 25ns repetition at 100ns
Edge Delay min. 1ns from sweep start
Impedance Accuracy 50Ω±10% (*3)
Controller Windows PC(standard)
Software Measurement software with Multi Point Calibration Function.(standard)
Time Base Accuracy max. 5%
*1 - Within the first 1 ns with reference level at 1 ns from the step edge.
*2 – After the first 1 ns with reference level at 1 ns from the step edge.
*3 - Holds to within ±23°C ±1°C of temp. at the time of 50Ω calibration.

Can Electronic Interconnect build and test for differential impedances?

No, currently we cannot build and test differential pairs. In the future we will try to accommodate anywhere from 75 ohms differential to 140 ohms differential with a typical impedance tolerance of +/- 10% and validate results via our POLAR CITS 500 Impedance test system.

Can Electronic Interconnect provide stencil data for our assembly house?

Yes, if Gerber Paste files exist, we can panelize them and send them to your assembly house for stencil prep.

Which third-party file formats are supported for custom manufacturing?

EI supports Gerber 274X format, click for more information on our PCB manufacture file specifications. To receive a custom quote/Free DRC please send your design files.

What format should my print be?

Gerber format is preferred, but also HPGL is an acceptable format. If neither of these options is available to you, "PDF" files (viewable in Acrobat Reader) are acceptable. As a final option, you may fax your print. Please reference your order number and part number.

Do you edit my design?

We will perform a design rule check. If we are able to make minor modifications without changing the intent of your design, we may elect to do so. Some of those changes might include:

  • Increasing clearances on inner layer ground and power layers if insufficient
  • Adding a backset on inner layer ground or power layers to prevent exposed copper
  • Silkscreen clip to remove legend from pads and holes
  • Increase trace width to accommodate etching line loss
  • Increase pad size to minimize breakout of drilled holes where pads are insufficient to accommodate 0.005" true positional tolerances

What is EI's standard or default parameters for manufacturing?

EI follows a standard set of building parameters that are used, unless it is specified in the zip file information you email to our pre-engineering staff. These include ½-ounce copper on outer layers, 1-ounce copper on inner layers, FR4 material, 0.062" finished thickness, LPI green solder mask over bare copper, and white silkscreen. Your boards will be individually routed out unless specific 'v-score' or panelizing/palletizing information is included.

What if my needs do not qualify for the EI?

If your printed circuit board needs fall outside the parameters, please contact your Sales Manager  .

What are printed circuit boards used for?

Printed circuit boards serve a variety of functions in the various electronics industries and markets. Printed circuit boards provide the base or foundation from which microprocessors and integrated circuits carry out the complex functions and algorithms needed to run most sophisticated electronic components popular today. There are a variety of uses for our printed circuit boards. We have manufactured PCB's for conventional use, such as TVs, radios, testing and design equipment, along with many hobbyists' creative inventions. Also, there are some specialized and surprising uses for our printed circuit boards as well. Our boards are included on the following: the Overhead Page system, Satellite antenna, Disney’s sign board, Medical Devices, Instrumentations and many mores!

Do you do assembly work?

We can accommodate some light assembly work, but this is not a core competency of EI. If you have assembly requirements, please call us and we will help you to locate the nearest PCB assembly house. If your requirements are beyond our capabilities, we can recommend an excellent partner that provides quality service.

Do you only support Windows?

Yes, currently.