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EI PCB Manufacture Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Electronic Interconnect?

Electronic Interconnect is a full service PCB manufacturer  located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Electronic Interconnect has been in business for over 25 years. The PCB manufacture process is managed within a 22,000 sq. ft. facility. Electronic Interconnect has 100 employees that cover a six day work week around the clock.

What market do you target for sales?

Electronic Interconnect is a service driven corporation targeting quick turn pcb prototype through medium volume production. We have been praised by Project Engineers nationwide for our responsiveness and commitment to delivery. Purchasing Managers have Electronic Interconnect as a primary source when they need to meet project deadlines with high confidence levels.

What are your standard lead times?

Each project is quoted based on its own merits such as product type, quantities, and lead time. Standard lead times for orders are at 2 weeks. Orders can be quoted for 2 week, 5 day, 3 day, 1 day, and Same day deliveries.

Who is using Electronic Interconnect Currently?

Our customer base is worldwide. Current Industries include Telecommunications, Commercial, Medical, Information Technology, and Automotive. Customers include Miller Electric Mfg., Valcom, Inc., Toshiba, Halliburton, Viasys Healthcare, Maxima Technologies, Plexus, United Technologies, Tyco, etc.

What certifications do Electronic Interconnect possess?

Electronic Interconnect has been ISO 9001 Certified since 1998. We are currently pursuing certification to Military Standard MIL-PRF-31032. Certification is forecasted for completion by 2006. Our current status with our military accounts is to comply with standard.

What does quick turn PCB means?

On demand, we can supply a 2 to 4 layer board within 12 hours.

What is your percentage of on-time deliveries?

Over the last 8 years Electronic Interconnect has averaged 98% on time shipments.

How competitive are your prices?

EI’s prices are low because our software performs many of the PCB manufacture functions that other companies perform manually. Our processes are highly efficient; and due to our processing volume our savings are passed on to you whether you order one or one million PCB's.

How much do your PCB's cost?

The cost depends on many variables such as: board area, number of holes, layers used, etc. Electronic Interconnect supports multiple manufacturing facilities so you don't have to pay for a 5-mil based process if your board needs only 10 mil minimal spacing.

Do you ship internationally?


Does your system provide lead time information?

es, the Online Quotes/Order section provides PCB manufacturing time and price at the click of a button. Also, you can track the status of your orders on our site.

How do you calculate lead time?

Check our Delivery Dates Information.

Can I cancel my order?

Once your order is placed, we immediately start manufacturing, especially for quick turn pcb orders. Most often we cannot cancel your order unless you inform us immediately after placement. A cancellation may incur charges.

What do you do with the tooling I pay for?

Electronic data and documentation is stored for 5 years. Actual film is kept for 2 years. If you order this part number and revision again within 5 years, no other tooling charge should be assessed.

What do you do with my test fixture?

We will store your test fixture for use with all future orders of this part number and revision. Therefore, you will not need to pay for a test fixture for this part and revision number again. Sometimes, slight modifications to your part number may allow us to use the same fixture at little or no cost to you. Please remember, you will still be charged for the actual testing of your boards each time.

Can I have the tooling and test fixture sent back with my order?

You can request to have these items returned to you. Please remember, however, that if you order this part number again, we would need to charge for tooling and test fixture unless you return them to us.

What are your business hours?

Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm CST.