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Standard Online Capabilities

Layers1 to 6 Layers
Build TimeFrom 2 Days
Board Size16" per Side(Max. 100 Sq. Inches)
Material TypeFR-4 (Tg-135), FR-4(Tg 180)
Material Thickness0.062" (std), (Adder available)
Cu FinishUp to 2 oz. (Std), (Adder available)
Trace/Space Width6 mils or greater
Min. Hole Size10 mils or greater
Max # of holdes25 per sq inch
Solder Mask LPI ColorGreen (semi gloss)
Silk screen sides/Color2 side (Adder) /White color
Lead Free Solder, HASLYes
Gold,Silver,OSP, NickelAdder Available
CNC Rout Points up to 14 points, Panel form available
Slots /CutoutsMax 3 Allowed (Min. 0.062" slot width)
Quality Assurance:
Electrical TestingNo (Adder)
Reports:C of C, IPC class II
Upgrade Addres:
Upgrade Address:Available

Note: If your boards have Multiple parts, Buried Vias, Blind Vias, Control Impeadance, Carbon, Peelable Mask, No X-outs, Counterbore, DeepGold, Special layer Stack-up and other special - Please send us file for quote."