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PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

Electronic Interconnect is your 1-stop shop for PCB manufacturing. See a list of our PCB capabilities.
Product Features Standard Advanced
PC Board Attributes
Min Layer count11
Max Layer Count3658
Min Board Thickness Min Board Thickness
  • 2   Layer: .008"
  • 4   Layer: .021"
  • 6   Layer: .031"
  • 8+ Layer: .050"
.006" .006"
Max Board Thickness Max Board Thickness
  • 2   Layer: .010"
  • 4   Layer: .031"
  • 6   Layer: .063"
  • 8+ Layer: .062"
Min Core Thickness.003".003"
Min Dielectric.004".004"
Min. Starting Copper Foil Weight.25 oz.25 oz
Max. Finished Copper Thickness (O/L)6 oz10 oz
Max. Finished Copper Thickness (I/L)6 oz10 oz
Maximum Panel Size23" x 35"23" x 55"
Min Laser Drill Diameter.004".003"
Min Finished Hole Size8 mil6 mil
Max Thru Hole Aspect Ratio10:120:1
Minimum Line Width (Trace) and Spacing3.5 mil / 3.5 mil2 mil / 2 mil
Min Pad Size for Test5 mil5 mil
Stacked ViasYesYes
Minimum Wire Bond Pad Size5 mil5 mil
Controlled Impedance Tolerance+/- 10% (<50 ohms)+/- 5% (<50 ohms)
Min. Diameter Rout Cutter Available.031".031"
Routed Part Size Tolerance.008".008"
Laser Hole Location Tolerance.0005".0005"
Bow & Twist Tolerance7%< 7%
Thickness Tolerance10%< 10%
Buried ViasYesYes
Blind ViasYesYes
Conductive Filled ViasYesYes
Non Conductive Filled ViasYesYes
Surface Finishes
Lead Free HASLYesYes
OSP (Entek)YesYes
ENIG (Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold)YesYes
ENEPIG (Electroless Nickel-Electroless Paladium-Immersion GoldYesYes
Immersion SilverYesYes
Tin NickelYesYes
Electrolytic Soft GoldYesYes
Electrolytic Hard GoldYesYes
Selective GoldYesYes
Solder Masks
Semi - Gloss GreenYesYes
Gloss GreenYesYes
Matte - GreenYesYes
All ColorsYesYes
Routed ArrayYesYes
V Score, Edge to Copper.015".015"
V Score Angles30°, 45°, 60°30°, 45°, 60°
Edge CastellationYesYes
Edge PlatingYesYes
Electrical Test
10 VoltYesYes
250 VoltNoYes
Hi PotNoYes
Laminate Materials
Very Thin FilmNoYes
Arlon 85NTYesYes
Hybrid ConstructionsYesYes
Isola FR406YesYes
Isola FR408YesYes
Isola IS410YesYes
Isola IS620YesYes
Isola P95YesYes
Isola P96YesYes
Nelco N4000-13 (SI)YesYes
Nelco N4000-6 FCYesYes
Nelco N4000-29YesYes
Neltec N7000-2YesYes
No Flow Pre PregYesYes
Polyclad PCL370HRYesYes
Rogers 3000YesYes
Rogers R4003YesYes
Rogers R4350YesYes
Rogers 5880YesYes
Rogers 6000YesYes
Rogers TMMYesYes
Isola i-Tera MTYesYes
Isola i-SpeedYesYes
Isola FR408HRYesYes
Isola Terra GreenYesYes
Isola TachyonYesYes
Isola IS680YesYes
Isola i-Tera RF MTYesYes
Isola ASTRA MTYesYes
Panasonic Megtron 6YesYes
Panasonic Megtron 7YesYes
Taconic RF-35YesYes
Available Reports
X-ray FluorescenceYesYes
Ionic ContaminationYesYes
Time Domain Reflectometry test (TDR)YesYes
Certificate of Compliance (C of C)YesYes
PCB Classifications
IPC 6012, Class 1, 2 & 3YesYes
ISO/TS 16949YesYes
ISO 9001:2008 + AS9100CYesYes