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Circuit Board Spacers

Do you need a Board Spacer for your PCB? EI is currently offering circuit board spacers to our customers. These spacers can be used as electrical insulators, standoffs, height adjusting elevators and more. For more information or a quote for board spacers, email us directly at or fill out and submit the form (below) and send to us.


  • Made of FR-4, Aluminum, Copper materials.
  • Custom sizes and shapes.
  • Tooling holes and slots can be added to meet customer specs.
  • Uses: electrical insulators for assembled PCBs, PCB height elevators, etc.

Custom Quote For Board Spacers:

  • Material can also be routed to custom shapes and sizes, with tooling holes.
  • Material can also be colored (Black etc).
  • Material can be of varying thickness: 0.031” to 0.250” etc.
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