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Do you need a stencil for your printed circuit board? Electronic Interconnect is currently offering proto print stencils to our customers. For more information or for a quote for proto print stencil email us at

Do you need a solder paste stencil? Electronic Interconnect now offers PCB stencils. For more information on our circuit board stencil or for a solder stencil quote call 800-364-4844.

Everyone knows that prototyping is the key to a successful first-run of product. But lots of time can be spent on setup, particularly stencil printing. Why waste time programming a production screen printer to print prototypes? Why interrupt that printer’s production?

Electronic Interconnect’s new ‘Proto-Print’ is an easy-to use, quick solution to the need to print prototypes and low volume runs at the benchtop. It’s low-cost and affordable, quick to set up and provides good results when printing solder paste and other electronic materials such as mask or adhesives. It’s a manual system, easy to take apart and clean, and its quality, rigid framework ensures consistent results and eliminates the registration problems associated with hand printing on a flat piece of foil or screen.

Printing short-run prototypes? Setup and alignment are quick with Proto-Print; then just start printing. You can use smaller stencils to save money, and repeatability is excellent from PCB to PCB.Two board holders and a high-quality metal squeegee are included with the frameless proto stencil kit.

Align, print, lift, remove the PCB, insert another PCB into the same position, and print again. It’s that easy! The stencil remains rigid through the Proto-Print’s unique design, ensuring proper separation (‘snap-off’) for good print definition, volume, and uniformity.

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Terms and Conditions for Stencils:

1. "C-Step" charge: Add $20 for each extra image on a single stencil. Can be multiple part numbers.
2. Price inclusive of 100% laser cut stencils, up to 5000 apertures. Add $0.03 per aperture for each aperture above 5000.
3. Stencils are stainless steel. Normal thicknesses range from 0.004" to 0.008.
4. Tolerances on holes are +/- 0.00025".
5. No Skinguard.
6. Electropolishing zvailable – custom quote required.
7.Stencil is shipped flat to prevent damage in transit; customer can fold up sides if desired.